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    Kidney white bean 2018-4-27 16:02:00
    Dears, Kindly find our product details; Brand trade: Egyptian White beans origin : delta region of Egypt size :180p-200p in 100g Packing : 25 kilo net in pp bags Quality : premium, purity 99% payment : 50% in advance and the balance a...
    [Egypt] Al Mostafa for Export & Int. trading
    Kidney white bean 2018-4-27 16:01:00
    Dears, Kindly find our product details; Brand trade: Egyptian White beans origin : delta region of Egypt size :180p-200p in 100g Packing : 25 kilo net in pp bags Quality : premium, purity 99% payment : 50% in advance and the balance a...
    [Egypt] Al Mostafa for Export & Int. trading
    Kidney white bean 2018-4-27 16:00:00
    Dears, Kindly find our product details; Brand trade: Egyptian White beans origin : delta region of Egypt size :180p-200p in 100g Packing : 25 kilo net in pp bags Quality : premium, purity 99% payment : 50% in advance and the balance a...
    [Egypt] Al Mostafa for Export & Int. trading
    Oblique cone extractor for food&beverage/chemical processing 2013-5-25 17:45:00
    1. This equipment mainly is consist of extracting tank, external circulatingt concentrator and other accessory. It is with compact structure, simple operation and combining extraction, concentration, solvent recycling together. 2. The whole process...
    [China] Shanghai Yifeng Trading Co., Ltd.
    Mushroom Extracting tank 2013-5-25 17:42:00
    The facilities have the advantages such as high efficiency and simple operating, Fit out the CIP automation cleaning spray in facilities, insure cleanliness inside out. Meeting the standard of the GMP. The matching facilities include: Defoaming...
    [China] Shanghai Yifeng Trading Co., Ltd.
    Juice Extractor 2013-5-25 17:41:00
    The equipment can be used in Chinese Traditional Medicine, foodstuff and chemical industry. It can be applied to various processes as follows: Drug-decocting under normal pressure or low pressure, digeratur, thermal refluxing, forced circulation, inf...
    [China] Shanghai Yifeng Trading Co., Ltd.
    Plate pasteurizer 2013-5-25 17:33:00
    control type: full-auto control(PLC with touch screen), Semi-auto PID ControlStandard attachement: A Plate heat exchanger B Material-balance bucket C.Hot water-balance drum D. Hot water pump&#39; E.Product pump F.Steam&water...
    [China] Shanghai Yifeng Trading Co., Ltd.
    cattle slaughter-bloodletting hanging chain 2012-12-7 10:21:00
    cattle slaughter-bloodletting hanging chain is used for conveying the cattle on the bloodletting conveyor line. It is made of 桅8mm stainless steel ring chain. Maintenance: regularly check whether there are cracks in the hanging chain and often fo...
    [China] Qingdao ZhongBangHaoTong Machine Co.,Ltd.,
    Cattle slaughter -Single column pneumatic lifting platform 2012-12-7 9:37:00
    Cattle slaughter -Single column pneumatic lifting platform is installed in both side of the stripping machine錛宨s convenient for workers to complete stripping. Lifting capacity: 120KG Lifting height: 1600mm Platform size: 1000*700mm Compressed ...
    [China] Qingdao ZhongBangHaoTong Machine Co.,Ltd.,
    chicken plucker 0086-13526735822 2012-9-11 16:59:00
    chicken plucker This Machine is used for removing the hair of the slaughtered Chicken, duck, goose, cat, dog, sheep, rabbit etc. Depilation can be finished in one time, the plume, fuzz, claw and the dirt of the surface etc. The machine also can be ...
    [China] Zhengzhoulankai Machinery Co.Ltd
    Glucoamylase alpha-Amylase 2013-2-22 9:51:00
    We Supply Enzyme like: 1.Glucoamylase(high activity) 2.Medium temperature alpha-Amylase(2000-3000u/ml) 3.Thermostable alpha-amylase(80000u/ml,120000u/g) 4. Cellulase 5. Fungal alpha-amylase 6. Acid Protease 7.Xylanase 8. Lipase 9. Specialty...
    [China] Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co.,Ltd
    Low price supply high quality supply natural/Panax Ginseng E 2012-7-2 14:36:00
    Low price supply high quality supply natural/Panax Ginseng Extract...
    [China] Changsha Huir Biological-tech Co,.Ltd Sales Room
    Selected Foods Group Limited 2012-6-13 10:31:00
    Dear Sirs Nice day to you Here I have good news for you . This month we imported 500mt red fish raw and 300mt hake raw from Iceland biggest suppplier . and will arrive at our factory end of JUN . Our quality control department checked t...
    [China] Selected Foods Group Limited
    Supply top quality of seafood like fish fillets 2012-6-13 10:27:00
    Dear Sirs Nice day to you Here I have good news for you . This month we imported 500mt red fish raw and 300mt hake raw from Iceland biggest suppplier . and will arrive at our factory end of JUN . Our quality control department checked t...
    [China] Selected Foods Group Limited
    FROZEN SAITHE FILLETS 2012-6-13 10:26:00
    1. Latin name : POLLACHIUS VIRENS 2. Size: 6-8oz, 8-16oz, 16oz up 3. Processing: skinless/on ,PBI/PBO, IQF, chemical free or chemical treated 4. Glazing: 5% ,10% or 15% or depends on clients鈥?requirements 5. Packing: bulk 10kg/ctn,1kg transp...
    [China] Selected Foods Group Limited
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